terminator-2-3dThe Terminator 2 in 3D Review

You probably are already aware of the Terminator 2 or you have heard of the great change; Judgment day science fiction movie that was very popular in the 1980s. The mean and lean classic action movie was released in 1984 and its success may be attributed to the creativity and imagination of James Cameron. The Terminator is an apocalypse-minded movie will be celebrating its 25th anniversary sometime in summer this year. Earlier on, Cameron had announced that they would be celebrating this anniversary with the launch of a Terminator 2 in 3D version of the 84 “Judgment Day “classic movie. However, this will not be happening as launch date of this new version of the Terminator was changed to early next year.

The Conviction to Have a 3D Version of the Terminator

The first time Cameron came out clearly and expressed his desire and the intension to produce a 3D version of the movie was in 2014. Initially, he though that the current gritty aesthetic in the initial Terminator 2 would not work well for 3D. As such, Cameron decided to use sequel’s timeless appeal for the conversion as he thought it was more polished, hence better suited for a conversion to 3D. Again, converting the original version of the movie as it was without interfering with any element within the movie would have been more expensive, as compared to its production budget. Settling for the seven million dollars 3D conversion Cost for The Terminator 2 as appropriate, Cameron unveiled the release of the 3-D Terminator 2 movie, through sequel’s Facebook page.

An Overview of the Outgoing Terminator 2 Version

The Terminator 2, Judgment Day movie was launched in 1984 and anticipates a nuclear disaster that is projected to happen in 1997. In first Terminator movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger acted the role of the first terminator that was sent to end the life of Connor’s mother, a role played by Linda Hamilton, before Connor was born. This mission failed and the Terminator 2 is a continuation of the story depicted in Terminator 1, after Connor was born.


In Terminator 2, two terminators are sent from the future, a good terminator (a role acted by Schwarzenegger) to protect Connor (Eddie Furlong), and a bad terminator, whose mission was to terminate the young Connor (a role played by Robert Patrick). The Terminator machines depicted in this movie were made up of high-tech materials, used computer brains, but had an appearance similar to humans. The bad Terminator, identified as T-1000 is dedicated to accomplishing its mission, but is prevented from killing the young Connor—depicted as the savior of the human race throughout the movie—by the good terminator.


Connor, on the other hand is a rather wild kid, being raised by a raised by a foster family because his mother had been detained in a mental hospital. Although Conner’s mother tries to warn people about the impending disaster, everyone thinks that she is crazy. The Movie starts with a chase scene, whereby Connor—using a fast motorcycle—is being chases by T-1000. After rescuing him, the good terminator establishes a close relationship with Connor. Later on, the young Conner discovers that the good Terminator is actually designed to execute his commands, hence orders the machine to stop killing humans. In response to this order, the machine shoots to threaten or maim, rather than kill.



The various scenes in the initial Terminator movie feature top and classic inventive work by the George Lucas special effects shop, Industrial Light & Magic. The initial T-1000 idea was first featured in the “Abbys” movie, launched in 1990 by ILM. In this regard, the T-1000 Terminator 2 idea was to apply use a paintbox computer program to give texture and color to a computer simulation of the desired movements. The compute images developed are then coupled with live action to bring out the T-1000 character depicted in the movie. Throughout the movie, this character is capable to transform from a shinny liquid to a human being. All the efforts by the production team paid off, developing splendid villain T-1000 character.

Basically, this movie captured the interest of many, it was a hit and is still loved by many today. As such, the new 3D version of the movie is expected to bring more interesting changes and to be a huge success.

The New 3D Terminator 2

The mesmerizing mix of special effects of the new technology, live action stunts and 3-D technology in the Terminator 2 in 3D movie is expected to fascinate many movie enthusiasts across the globe. The various aspects of this movie are meant to produce the best 3D experience in the industry. In this regard, watching this movie feels like you can actually touch or reach out to the characters as they are taking the true shapes. Being a new version of the 1984 movie, the 3D version features some of the charactors of the Terminator 2 initial movie, whom you are already familiar with. Additionally, the new version also features several other new charactors to give the viewers a totally new entertainment experience. Throughout this Terminator 2 in 3D movie review, you will see the reasons why so many people are looking forward to its debut.

· Captivating Visuals and Charactors

The new 3D movie is a very strong change and still features some of the terminator actors you are familiar with, including Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward Furl, and Schwarzenegger. In the new version of the adopted version, these actors have retained their roles as Connor’s mother, T-1000 terminator, Connor and the good robot respectively making the movies even more interesting and enjoyable. If you watched the initial version of the movie, you can recall Arnold pulverizing himself. In the 3D movie, his arms appear to morph, forming impressive structures that are similar to 3D veg-o-matic blades.

For the Terminator 2 in 3D movie which is the best way to take, James Cameron is still the director while Stan Winston, the person behind special effects used in “Aliens” creatures gives the movie a universal attraction, using his unique skill set. This impressive combination of technology, money and renowned actors have made the 3D movie a compelling, must watch movie.

· Magnificent Robots

The new Terminator 2 in 3D movie features live robots that are used to support screen action in the movie. In this case, the robots are specifically lined at the sides of the theatre and were designed by Advanced Animations, a Vermont company. According to the Advanced Animations vice President, Bob Crean, the cinebotic figures used in this case evolved gradually as the project progressed. He also mentions that the company had initially decided to borrow the appearance of the robots from the initial Terminator 2 movie. In this regard, Crean says that the animations team had decided to come up with shiny T-800′ robots, an idea that was objected by James Cameron. Cameron’s objection of this robot idea was based on the fact that his objective was to depict robots from the future. As such, the initial robots model design by Advanced Animations was not appropriate for the 1990’s storyline.

In response to this objection, the team at Advanced Animations came up with new models, borrowing from the modern “T-70” robots. However, the models by Crean’s team used a rather sophisticated hydraulic system, with cyborg soldiers rising from the ground and joining in the shootout. The robots, along with other production aspects of this movie are controlled through computer controls.

· Creative Application of 3D Technology

Since the production of campy novelty movies, which took place a couple of decades ago, the technology used to produce 3D movies has witnessed numerous advancements and inventions. In this regard, the 3-D effect used in the 3D Terminator 2 is simply stunning, making the various movie scenes so realistic that you are temped to reach out and touch. To enhance the 3-D technology being used in the movie industry today, the producers of the new movie present the action on a comparatively larger, 65mm, format within three wraparound screens, each measuring 50 feet.

The enhanced 3D technology used in this movie will immediately envelop you and draw you into the evil vs. good plot of the movie. With this new version, the stakes are high as the two main charactors, Connor and the good terminator move to Los Angeles in 2029. Here, the two attempt to save the world from Skynet—the evil that threatens the existence of humanity in the movie. The attitude these charactors apply while facing mini-Hunter-Killers seems to dart right from the screen, something you most probably will love about the movie.

The 3D version of the movie also features a theatrical fog that is precisely used to distort an old sea captain. Additionally, it uses moving seats, a booming soundtrack, lasers, vibrating floors and a myriad of other effects. Although Terminator 2 in 3D is just a theatrical presentation, it is so captivating that some people refer to it as a ride’. Another impressive aspect of the new movie is the live actors. In one of the scenes, a Terminator advances, hurtling in the direction of the screen on a motorcycle. Being a 3-D presentation, the motorcycle—with pops similar to Arnold—pops out of the scene and on to the stage, giving the audience a thrilling experience. While Theme parks tried to blur the fine boundary between reality and fiction, the new 3D version of Terminator 2 has introduced an all-new concept, in this regard.

· Exceptional Sound Quality

The new terminator 2 movie delivers a remarkable soundtrack quality, appropriate for use with a surround sound system. The track used officially as the motion picture soundtrack for this movie is the Score by Brad Fiedel. The cassette and CD versions of the soundtrack were then developed, containing twenty minutes. The new soundtrack includes a total of twenty tracks that cumulatively have a runtime of 53 minutes. If you can remember, The Score was listed in the Billboard 200—reaching the 70th position—for about six weeks. The album was later re-issued by Silva Screen Records, featuring a collectable booklet in 2010.


Why the Terminator 2 in 3D Will Be Successful

The announcement and the first time to have the initial version of the terminator 2 movie converted into a 3D version was first made in August 29, 2016. This conversion was initially meant to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movie, but its production was delayed until early next year. In this regard, the production of the new movie will be carried out by Studiocanal, and DMG Entertainment along with Cameron. Through these two renowned and successful brands, Cameron will convert the already popular and well renowned Transformer2 movie into a 3D movie using Stereo D technology, an aspect that is expected to further endear the movie to viewers’ across the globe. As clearly illustrated above, the 3D version of this movie features some of the best visual, sound and 3d effects in the industry changing the movies and making it more real to most of the movie lovers.

The realization of Cameron’s dream to convert the movie into one of the most-sought after 3D movies today is expected to come true as he is working with some of the most successful and popular brands and actors in the industry. While the plot of this new movie is borrowed from the 1984 Terminator 2 movie, Cameron has applied various improvements and new features into the movie to make it more captivating. As such, you should not expect to go over the old movie once again, in newer effects. Instead, the movie is designed to deliver a new experience and enhance the desire of viewers to watch it.

While celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Transformer 2 which is one of the greatest moves which has many lovers across the globe, Director James Cameron mentioned that the conversion of this movie will be somewhat similar to the 3D version of the “Titanic” or even better. The 3D version of the Titanic generated $343 across the globe, after its release in 2012. The fact that the Terminator 2 movie was a classic throughout the 1980s places it in a better position to be loved by many, following its conversion to a 3D version.

The initial version of the movie generated $315 million across the globe and earned four Oscars after its release which was a clear indication of the position in the movie class. This being the case, the new Transformer 2 in 3D is expected to perform even better in the market as compared to initial version which did equally well. Set to be released in 2017, many movie enthusiasts across the globe are waiting for a life time experience and looking forward to watching this new version.