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 The Shallows




This film was already launched in U.S. in June.The box office and the feedback were not bad at all. With a budget of 17 million, it had earned 50 million just in U.S. alone.

Rotten tomato reported a freshness of 77%.



<< The Independent>> praised this film: Blake Lively’s shark thriller

IndieWire made a bold comment: This is the best shark movie since <>.


Of course, the most important element of a good film is that the whole movie is filled with excitement.
The good thing about<<The Shallows>> is that in just a short 87 minutes. You will be filled with excitement in every second.


The Shallows movie review :


Medical student Nancy (Blake Laffey ornaments) to follow the deceased mother’s footsteps, came to Mexico a rare beaches surfing.The result is that she was injured by sharks.


She climbed to a reef that was exposed to the surface of the tide and was temporarily saved.


But, her leg was bitten and bleeding badly. She was in a state where she was exposed to the sun, with no water, no food, and her stamina was slowly drained.


Not to mention a great white shark was preying on her beneath the sea.

It was only a few hours until the next high tide.She must escape in the limited time and return to the coast a few hundred miles away.Otherwise, the jaw is ready for her….


The Shallows compared with other shark movies


Actually, for an audience who had seen a lot of waves, these type of shark films are just ordinary. The director of the screenwriter has done his best. For example: Compared with<<Sharknado>><<Deep Blue Sea>>, The Shallows is much better.


Great White Shark

When talking about Shark films, <<Great White Shark>> is a movie that we must mention.Let’s not talk about which one is better. They are very different.<<Great White Shark>> talked about how the Great White Shark attack the small town and people defend themselves.

Great White Shark

In other words, it is a shark hunting diary. A human does not only take the initiative, but there are three main characters in the movie.They are shark hunting expert, the Sergeant, the marine specialist, and they sail to the ocean.The tactics how they capture the sharks are exceptional. To be honest, it is a confrontation between nature and human civilization.When battling with the shark, those who catch sharks can even sing a song.




In comparison, is different.The main background in the story, is an only a shallow sea, a reef, a buoy.The main actress, in actually a girl (sensational body) without weapons.When facing the shark with razor-sharp teeth, her ability is incredibly low.

Although the main actress is a highly-talented surfer, but everything is the ocean, she was facing a scenario where there was no escape.This is to say, is an ocean version of room escape.

To achieve this kind of reality besieged by the sea,There was water in every shoot in the entire movie since the first 10 minutes.Water composed of 70% of the whole film.


To shoot this type of film, the crews were heavily armed.They went to Australia, Lord Howe island to seek for the view.The scene is like as if it was fantasy…you know what I am talking about, this type of places are so remote that your phones detect no signals.


The crew placed a reef and a buoy in the ocean. And that is the whole set up for the film.So, how to create a perception that the main actress felt dreadful? How to create an image that she cannot call for any help and was all alone? The crews went quite crazy – during location shooting, Blake Lively was often thrown into a 9-square-foot reef in the ocean by the crews.Everyone retreated 300 feet away from shore; the film was using aerial photography to shoot.Allow Lively to face the weather under the surging tidal change. The feeling of dread and loneliness of being dragged into the deep by the unforgiving wave was not necessary to play by the actor.Photographers had to put the camera in line with the ups and downs of the rhythm of the waves.It makes people feel like as if they are experiencing it in the water with the actress together.Even for the man like me, who is not bad in water, I feel suffocated after watching it. In this story, the scary part of does not come from the kind of terror from the fresh tearing monster.

There was only one scene for a shark attack. It was only one second. It comes and goes.In the final battle, the shark appeared, disappeared and then reappeared.When the main actress was bitten by the dark – she was suddenly dragged into the water. Before she could even struggled, the ocean was filled with red. You don’t see blood without seeing weapons. But our audience could already understand how hostile this beast was in seconds.So, the excitement of is its endurance. Many times, we cannot see the physical form of the shark, but we can feel its presence from the surging tide.


Matti Leshem

The English name of this film is The shallows (It means s beach). Just like the producer Matti Leshem says -“The film is about how to face fear”

I, too, agree that the fear is not from the meat-eating shark, but the shallow.It is a symbol of death, as well as a symbol of hope.So, how did the main actress made use of the Shallow to survive? I am letting you find it out yourself.But, after I finished watching the film, I promised myself I will meet a women who knows how to surf , and experience what a wet life is like…



So, after all these, The Shallows is better than Great White Shark ?


Of course… it is impossible. The reason why is so popular is because of that Great White Shark. It is because that type of Great White Shark does not exist in the real world.Such a great white shark is non-existent. It is a monster as well as a great white shark.

  • Firstly, as a meat eater, it attacks human, and causes a lot of injuries – the lowest rank monster film, such as Piranha 3D .
  • Secondly, as a monster film, it seemed to have its own mind and awareness, it battles with human in both courage and talent – this is the advanced monster film, such as Anaconda.
  • Thirdly, as a kind of terror film with the existence of paranormal, it is actually started by the Great White Shark. It is a classic film in the 70s in the last century. It immersed into the entire American society – the ultimate monster film.



“The Host” in South Korea is the ultimate version of a monster film.

It uses the roam of monsters to reflect on the inability of government , the cold heart of people and the bad media.So, a good monster film, is actually reflecting the monster in the heart of people.This should be the scene how scary/disaster films should have.Maybe this is not good enough, the master of screenwriter once said: the best work does not only reveal the truth of characters, but it also show the development of human nature and chage throughout the narrative process.When the great white shark is defeated, have the Sergeant (main character) completed character reflection?

the great white shark

The Sergeant in was just counseling goods. Later on, he gained courage, and utilize his potential when capturing sharks.At last, he had accomplished what marine specialists and shark hunter failed to do: He overcame the beast in the heart of people, and matured. And ended the life of the creature – The Great White Shark

If you compare it in this way, what bought to the audience is actually fairly limited. Compared with , it had only contributed 10 minutes of coolness. The main actress also grown a bit… but the but the film format is so small that made it not so obvious.It is the reason why this film cannot be like , which goes down in history.




But, if you were like me, who pursue some moment of thriller, And seek some excitement in a sunny beach, you can consider watching this movie.