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Ben-Hur Review

Ben-Hur Review     This film that was launched in August was miserable. Whether it is discussion, or word of mouth at the box office. Rotten tomato only has 28% freshness.         [...]

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The Terminator 2 in 3D Review

  The Terminator 2 in 3D Review You probably are already aware of the Terminator 2 or you have heard of the great change; Judgment day science fiction movie that was very popular in the [...]

Fifty Shades Darker Review

Fifty Shades Darker Let us refresh on the first episode<Fifty Shades of Grey>, which talks about how "small rabbit" Anna went to an interview for his roommate and meet Gray Group President - Christian. [...]

The Shallows Review

┬áThe Shallows       This film was already launched in U.S. in June.The box office and the feedback were not bad at all. With a budget of 17 million, it had earned 50 [...]