007 6 Mr.bond

There has been 20 or more 007 Series out already over the years. This has created a series of Mr. Bond image being a romantic agent. This is my second most loved movie series besides [Star Wars]. With the release of each movie, there are full of discussion in forums about how to dress like Bond. This mysterious secret agent is like a fever for most men and women in the world. The Box office earned high points.

James Bond is a licensed MI6 agent. Although the role has been acted and interpreted by British, Austrians and actors from other nations (6 in total), the scenes are usually one against hundred, winning millions in the casino, and eventually won the heart of women. This is simple a role model of a man’s life. If you look back at the entire 007 series, it should be praised regarding dressing.  Let’s review this six Mr. Bond how they dressed in the 007 movie.



The first Bond: Sean Connery – Classic Bond outlook


Sean Conner is the cornerstone of the image of Bond. He acts like the youngest of the successive Bond.  He was not even 32 when he was acting in [Dr. No]. Acting as the first person to play Bond, Sean Conner had set Bond to be a bold, alert, skillful, vigorous, suave and romantic guy. His interpretation of Bond is tough and masculine, who emit a particular strength regardless it is his enemy or women.


That phrase  [Bond, James Bond] had tamed the heart of many girls, and it had become the icon phrase of 007 series.


Even the blue swimming pants in the movie had become a classic. Daniel Craig had even saluted to the blue swimming pants at the end of the film.

Back to the main subject, as an agent, most of the time he needs to get himself into dangerous situations. So, he had to wear a suit to obtain information.In the first 007 film Doctor No. The 007 first appeared, and he dressed in a very traditional style.

It is obvious that the suit he wore is a classic style, this even includes the actors at the back, who were wearing traditional three-piece plus double-breasted suits with metal buttons and other details. Sean Conner had wore Shawl Collar wide round neck dress. He had a bow tie and a pocket with the size of 1. All these details are to describe the message of the social status of the characters played by the actors as well as the occasion.


1962 was the year when the first episode of 007 was released. In this film, the image of Bond was conservative. Despite Bond’s image is lovable in the film, It was difficult for him to create a Playboy image under the dressing style of that time.


In 1963 when [From Russia With Love] was released, there was the first classic, beautiful Bond lady, who was played by  Daniela Bianchi, a Russian lady.


She was ruthlessly rejected when she attempted to unbutton Bond’s plaid shirt. Please keep in mind that a plaid shirt only has two small squares of this color.


And also this pair of dagger shoe with respect in [Kingsman];


In 1964 when [Goldfinger] was released, there was a very classic three-piece gray suit. When he titled his head to face the sky at a 45-degree angle, his romantic style is what several other Bonds are trying to imitate later on.



Bond had worn five sets of the suit in the film. And this one is the most impressive one.Almost all Mr. Bond had worn the standard three-piece in films. But, Sean Conner had many details that distinguished him from others.  The most obvious one is the pleat to adjust plate. This is what we referred to today as Plated, which is not common nowadays.


In the suit vest, there is a very obvious detail – there is a lapel, which is a design that is not too common: At last, Bond’s two sets of three-piece vest were canceled for this design.


Also, there is also a Chalk Striped Suit from [From Russia With Love]. It ‘s hard to see the stripes if you are not into details. The stripped knitting width resembles of tailor chalk, and that is how it earned a name called chalk pattern. This type of materials used for making the strips show remarkable effects in the casual occasion. It relieves pressure in tension environment and introduces calm. This is the first time in history that Bond wore a striped suit.


This is the first time there was a plastic button. Although this plastic button looked very cheap today, plastic material were in low production in the early days and was more expensive than natural material.  It looked lighter and smooth.


The second Bond: George Lazenby



As a short-term Mr. Bond, George Lazenby (Australian) only act as Bond in 「 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service」; then he quit working because of interpersonal problems. He showed regrets in recent years when interviewed by the media.

But, as an Australian, he is not bad as he managed to play a “typical” Bond well. But it was a shame that he lacks character regarding dressing. It is the same style as Conner. He only got good feedbacks on his acting from reviewers, but he lacks the momentum.

It is worth mentioning that the Bond that he played was not very smart, he made a mistake of flirting women, who eventually became his wife. He also seeks resignation of his boss. He let the image of his romantic and bold image of Bond down.


The third Bond: Roger Morre



From Roger Moore’s generation, Bond’s image began to move the forefront of male fashion. Moore loves trying the new style in person. From that point forward, Bond’s romantic characteristic was displayed on his dressing.

Roger Morre

Please pay attention to this tailored pants of Bond in the movie [The Spy Who Loved Me ], which was released in 1977. The legs were extensive and fascinating. In the vast back of the legs, it was not exaggerated or awkward even if the edge of the pants is 2 inches up.

Roger Morre

Please pay attention to the Moore on the right. You can see a golden chain from one vest pocket to another. This means that there should be a pocket watch if a pocket exists. But he wore a gold watch. So, either he took a pocket watch, or he was dressed in a pure decorative chain, vest chain.

[The Man with the Golden Gun] was when Bond wore a striped suit most.First piece: double breasted, medium gray flannel white chalk stripes, Second piece: Navy blue chalk stripes, fabric is worsted flannel, hence, the chalk stripes is more obvious compared to the flannel fabric worn by Connor and Lazenby.


The fourth Bond: Timothy Dalton



Timothy Dalton played the fourth Bond. He was an Italy and Ireland mixed. This had created a false impression that Bond is an Italian. The biggest difference between him and his predecessors is the shirt pocket.
A formal occasion with the shirt never has a pocket: apart from that, it is more convenient to have a pocket when wearing a shirt to work.
So, the less traditional American-style suit has a breast pocket. The reason is that American focuses more on practical. Strictly speaking, British –style shirt has no pocket because of British focuses more on traditions.


James Bond almost never wore a suit with pocket; the only exception is on [License to Kill ] released in 1989. However, since the film was in Mexico and U.S., Florida, this design best suits the environment. That is why a real British agent had such a mix.



The fifth Bond: Pierce Brosnan


The fifth Bond played by Pierce Brosnan was highly appraised. In 「 Die Another Day」released in 2002, his cuffs and cufflinks exposed Martini is just a new standard for the word – [man].A consistent set of first black hair had expressed the romantic soul of Bond incisively and vividly. The second year after [Die Another Day] was released, he was awarded a Jazz Medal by the Queen of England because of how he expressed the role of 007.


The 007 that he created had successfully transformed from a spy to a hero. And then the film also had him in combat gears to perform all the action scene.


In [The World Is Not Enough] released in 1999, there was a scene with  Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau played the roles of villain, who were flirting and tying up.  I solely respect the director’s imagination….. The jacket that Bond wore was an Italian-style cotton-linen jacket. That jacket bet suits Summertime, but the biggest problem is the crease that surfaces under too many actions!


Also, in many details, the Bond that he played allowed anyone to feel the charm of any men who pay attention to details. Please note that, when he sat down, Brosnan put down his pants, and pay attention to his cuff and the buttons on his sleeves. When the shirt sleeves shrink sleeve cuffs, you need to pull out the sleeves to tidy it up. The romantic version of 007 created by Pierce Brosnan is just classic in the history of films.



The Sixth Bond: Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig faced a lot of skeptics when he was chosen as the sixth Mr. Bond. Bond had dark hair in the original episode, and Craig is Blonde.Also, the image of the last Bond played by Pierce Brosnan was such a classic. But, after several films, he used his acting technique to prove himself and to show he has the strength to act 007 well.


[Skyfall] that was released in 2012 has a scene showing Bond was wearing a midnight Blue suit for dinner. He is not the first Bond who is wearing this style. In reality, since Doctor No, there were another Bonds who wore Midnight Blue suit for dinner.


In 2006, the last scene of [Casino Royale], Bond was initially designed to wear three-piece but was eventually portrayed as wearing a two-piece suit. Perhaps the stylist thinks that the Bond he acted had not reached that age yet, or maybe because a three-piece is not suitable for intense action and effect. Hence, three-piece suits were slowly filtered out from the stage of Bond.Apart from that, regarding making up for the lack of clothing, he also pays a lot of attention to the details. His neck is too short and will often choose to wear a collar or a high collar directly.

In some scene where there are a lot of sitting, with the single-breasted coat, played by Brosnan and Craig acting as 007, we can often see the angle where Bond sat down, taking off his coat. This way, he can feel more comfortable, and he can also reduce the pressures from the buttons, and avoid crease. Please pay attention in the diagram when he unbuttoned and sat down. His hands pushed his coat down from both sides to reduce unnecessary crease and to release some space in the front.


In Spectre that was released in 2015, a white ivory suit appeared. This medium-width lance strikes Windsor’s style, just like the suit wore by Sean Connery in 「 Diamonds Are Forever」In 1971.The red flower was referencing Goldfinger’s model.

Bond acting like a 50 years old energetic guy is just attractive. I am not only referring to the straight suit we see, the advanced weapon, the gorgeous lady of Mr. Bond, or that famous line that we never forget: “a Martini, shaken, not stirred.” More is about that mature heart of his, which stay calm and never panic. That wisdom, elegance, and modesty are shown in his every act.