Fifty Shades Darker

fifty shades darker

Let us refresh on the first episode<Fifty Shades of Grey>, which talks about how “small rabbit” Anna went to an interview for his roommate and meet Gray Group President – Christian. The two of them love at first sight. Immediately after, she played << Arrogant president fell in love with me>>. Close to the end of the film, Anna actively volunteered to play SM. After being hit six times with the whips, she angrily left the puzzled Christian. Honestly,  many people are disappointed with , it is just a story that talked about Mary Su in the name or erotic.

fifty shades darker

The “white rabbit”, Anna, break something when he first appeared. This is a common technique. Then, there was a lot of flirting happening from the president and she loves it.They went to a hotel, naked, had xx, and said the sweetest things already. Are you telling me you are off for shower? How difficult it is to get to this stage. Anna, as a virgin, unpredictably made a pose.

Her lips.

Her gasp.

And the orgasm in her face.

She is experienced.

fifty shades darker


The key to that was SM. The room was well-decorated. There were Rope, hair tail whip, whip, chain, board, handcuffs …
It has everything! Every tool! When everyone is expecting, and have a look at SM—–
It was a disappointment. The props are only for display.From the beginning to the end, it was generous ass hitting, liberal handcuffing… making us all itched.  SM? The entire process is left to our imagination. The car had not even started, and it arrived at the station.

Can the audience be satisfied? Because the lack of storyline and the SM part was not even done well.<< Fifty Shades Darker>> had taken five Golden Raspberry Award in one go.



But the number of impressions tells you everything.People curse it, but 24 hrs after the trailer of the first episode comes out, there were billions of clicks.The truth is that everyone still loves to watch the film despite the negative comments.



From the trailer of << Fifty Shades Darker>>, we can see-
The story connects back the last episode where Christie, who made <>, gave Anna all kinds of coax.Anna promised after the sugar-coated missile bombardment.she also “Stands up to be the master,” and set new rules with Christian.This time, there are no rules, no punishments, and also, no secrets.Life is very good. (i.e. moisturized) And then the two of them, get naked, had sex, and the gasping sound. Usually, good times flies by quickly….
Then, came two uninvited guests.

Suddenly, a mysterious ex-girlfriend, Leila, appeared in the bedroom —

the boss who harassed Anna —

and also, the teacher who enlighten Christian in sex, Mrs. Robinson–

Because of the increased number of roles, the relationships between characters become more complicated.

This battle, it seems that something big is going on!



About the screenwriter

The author of E·L·James and her husband Neil Leonard will appear as a husband and wife cooperation.

E·L·James was originally a British middle-aged woman.

But she loves <Twilight> deep in her heart, and had created humanities in the vampire – Edward.

The style is rough and wild. The dialogue is explicit. There is also a particularly dominating name – .

Because of the wide measures… it was off the shelf.

But James herself has a lot of friends, many of the moms who support her are (35-55 years old).

And then the mom allows her son to build a personal website for her to continue the installment of the series.

To avoid the copyright disputes, the name of the book is titled , and all the scenes with the similar plot as <Twilight> were deleted.

James’s husband, Neil, it not someone who holds back.

He was originally a serious scriptwriter (His masterpiece), all of his films are serious war and adventurous movies.

But, after seeing her wife became popular after ,  selected as the 100 most influential people in

That is why, after from being her wife’s subjects to study, he YY several rounds a day, changed his door, and actively joined the list of shameful writer list of .


Crazy In Love


About music

How many people who listen to the original soundtrack fall in love with it.

The original <Crazy In Love> is already tempting. (I am not going to be responsible if you fall asleep)

I did not expect the slow version of <Crazy In Love> sung by Miguel is even more attractive.

The few low-hum of the song and I am already totally into it.

James Frey



About director James Frey

This man is very powerful, although he was not featured in a masterpiece, the ones he participated in as a director are all outstanding.

From left to right: “card house” “Hannibal” “double peak.”

This time, although the screenwriting for the first film misses the quality to compete for Oscar

(The primary screenwriter Kelly Marcel is no longer involved in the first part).

But, there is a new director, who is not bad.

No matter how many times I said… I know the thing that everyone anticipated most… is still the trailer.