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The Top 10 Crazy Drag Racing Movies That Destroyed Cars In History

Show me one person who doesn’t love entertainment, and I’ll show you a liar. We all enjoy entertainment in all its variant forms. Some get entertained by playing and watching sports, traveling, reading thrillers, clubbing while others like me watch movies. Who doesn’t love a good movie? One with; a decent plot, well-choreographed Parkour stunts, [...]

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The 100 Greatest Films Of The 21st Century

Recently, BBC selected 100 " 100 Best Movies in the Century". They are all excellent films. Movie fans complained that they are no longer classic. Nowadays, good films are rare. It seemed that the classic movies are more engaging, more meaningful. From the movie website IMDb’s top 100 list selected by fans of film, the [...]

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10 Best Parkour Movies Review

  Parkour traces its origin from the French word “parcours” which stands for “a way through” or “the path.” Parkour originated from a training program that was utilized by French Special Forces. It involves moving from one point to another by using the obstacles along the way to increase your efficiency without the utilization of [...]

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How To Learn Dressing From 007 Movie Series – James Bond Will Tell You

There has been 20 or more 007 Series out already over the years. This has created a series of Mr. Bond image being a romantic agent. This is my second most loved movie series besides [Star Wars]. With the release of each movie, there are full of discussion in forums about how to dress like [...]

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