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10 Best Parkour Movies Review

  Parkour traces its origin from the French word “parcours” which stands for “a way through” or “the path.” Parkour originated from a training program that was utilized by French Special Forces. It involves moving from one point to another by using the obstacles along the way to increase your efficiency without the utilization of [...]

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Wolverine 3 Movie Review 2017

MOVIE REVIEW: WOLVERINE 3 TRAILER Logan which popularly goes by Wolverine 3, is the third in a series of Wolverine-titled films. The first and second movies were called X-MEN: Wolverine and The Wolverine respectively. The three movies are based on a novel, Wolverine written by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and John Romita Sr and [...]

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How To Learn Dressing From 007 Movie Series – James Bond Will Tell You

There has been 20 or more 007 Series out already over the years. This has created a series of Mr. Bond image being a romantic agent. This is my second most loved movie series besides [Star Wars]. With the release of each movie, there are full of discussion in forums about how to dress like [...]

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Resident Evil 6 Trailer Review

Resident Evil 6 Review   Excellent news. The long anticipated <<Resident Evil 6>> has finally been confirmed. This is Paul Anderson’s last chapter in the <<Resident Evil>> series. But after that, it had been a dead silent. We often hear the news regarding the delay of the film. Since the fifth episode in 2012, it has [...]

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Ben-Hur Review

Ben-Hur Review     This film that was launched in August was miserable. Whether it is discussion, or word of mouth at the box office. Rotten tomato only has 28% freshness.               <<Hollywood Reporter>> comments: What were they thinking ?           The box office is [...]

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The Terminator 2 in 3D Review

  The Terminator 2 in 3D Review You probably are already aware of the Terminator 2 or you have heard of the great change; Judgment day science fiction movie that was very popular in the 1980s. The mean and lean classic action movie was released in 1984 and its success may be attributed to the [...]

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Fifty Shades Darker Review

Fifty Shades Darker Let us refresh on the first episode<Fifty Shades of Grey>, which talks about how "small rabbit" Anna went to an interview for his roommate and meet Gray Group President - Christian. The two of them love at first sight. Immediately after, she played << Arrogant president fell in love with me>>. Close [...]

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The Shallows Review

 The Shallows       This film was already launched in U.S. in June.The box office and the feedback were not bad at all. With a budget of 17 million, it had earned 50 million just in U.S. alone. Rotten tomato reported a freshness of 77%.   << The Independent>> praised this film: Blake [...]

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